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With her words after that 2 months they have not seen, and then she wrote to him first and they begin to have "fellowship." She gave him gifts. He told her nothing. His wife says he was just friends with him, he's fun to talk to. Recently the wife of the instructor noticed the conversation and he asked my wife more to communicate with him.
With her words it happened because we didn't have a normal relationship, she wanted work.

All this she told me very coldly, I it elicited. Before the revelation I said to her that all will be forgiven.
And then there was FROM. Full without prescription. It seems that I have forgiven and all is well, but my importance fell, I'm not sure in it yourself. In the last month I only did B, what got her D and B, about which they now regret.

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In Cialis—Ö I dominated, he does not realize it. She lived with me. She paid little attention, didn't give her "romance", although all provided, gave and bought almost everything she wanted. Was thinking more about work and earnings. All forces were sent there. Its almost as thought. Was completely sure of it.
That all changed 1.9 years ago. She was on maternity leave, and I built the house parents. She saw me rarely, and that is how I design and build a house.

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In the autumn she went to study in driving school. She told me about the instructor how good he is (the first bell). But I wasn't paying attention to it. And after her studies, she has changed a lot. Was less for me to do B. Stopped talking about love. I noticed it and wanted to talk on this subject, but it leaked immediately. Said that I've changed and all. I missed it.
At work still having problems and work I was again lured. Sex has not changed, but it was less (3-4 times a week to 2 times). 2-1 months ago, I began to suspect something, but I drove those thoughts away.
In February I saw an unfamiliar number in viber. I asked her who it was, she gave me a scandal, but how could I think such a thing. She insulted me, and I her. We spent the day not talking. I really blamed myself for it. The next day I asked for forgiveness from her.
I started to change a little, more to give her attention.